My brain is all wired wrong;
But that's how it's been all along;

a journey of Noodle’s first mite treatment. some of the medication still hasn’t arrived yet, and i won’t be doing another round for two weeks, so we’ll see how well Nix alone holds up.

i was very concerned this morning, and wasn’t happy about having to leave her. i whined a lot during my morning shift, and eventually my manager just laughed at me and told me i sounded like a mother.

Noodle was very sweet, throughout all of my man-handling. she got a bit clingy at times, and puffed herself up once or twice, but there was never any hissing or an attempted strike. considering she’s due to eat this weekend, it speaks volumes of how mellow she is.

also, after close scrutiny of her butt, i have confirmed that Noodle is in fact female.