My brain is all wired wrong;
But that's how it's been all along;

everyone loves a freshly shaven head

except my shirt


those feelings u have regarding a character that make u realize

oh god

i fucked up

i’m in too deep

i’m in too deep and i can’t swim and i have no floaties

i’m in too deep and there are sharks

i had made an appointment to get my head re-shaved this morning. i was barely even late, and they gave my spot away. i had wanted to see a co-worker off before she left for New York again, but now i have to wait around for three hours until my hairdresser feels like seeing me again.

i asked my uncle to shave my head, just to save me the money and time (it’s already parted and cut where i need it to be, it wouldn’t be difficult to do) and he refused. he said it’s my fault i was late and i should just wait and get it done “the right way”

my aunt and uncle don’t understand that just because you fucking spend money on something, it doesn’t make it “the right way”. the right way is getting it fucking done.


H̙̫̦̹̀e̞ ̘͎w͏̺̱a̞͕̜̪̰̖͟s҉̪ ̞̦ṕr̡̝̪a͎̯̠͠c̵̹͖̺ṱ̷͎̮i̵c̞̝̺͓a̠l̘̯l̼̪̖͇̭̘y͘ ́m̹y̥̩͔̦͙̜̘̕ ͝s͙͞o̯̗̙͔̪n̼̤̘̠͈.̮̳̯..҉̟


H̙̫̦̹̀e̞ ̘͎w͏̺̱a̞͕̜̪̰̖͟s҉̪ ̞̦ṕr̡̝̪a͎̯̠͠c̵̹͖̺ṱ̷͎̮i̵c̞̝̺͓a̠l̘̯l̼̪̖͇̭̘y͘ ́m̹y̥̩͔̦͙̜̘̕ ͝s͙͞o̯̗̙͔̪n̼̤̘̠͈.̮̳̯..҉̟


Naruto’ + popular tumblr posts

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when he was with deidara obito was like a 30 year old man constantly picking on a 19 year old. i want u to think about that. nagato had to tell him to tone it down one time in canon. obito uchiha is an asshole

mercury39 whispered:
I just wanted to thank you for drawing Archive. I love your rendition of her and your style!

you’re very welcome!



this is just a short video of me trying to escape the auto face detection and zoom of my webcam which is IMPOSSIBLE FUCK U BILL GATES

oh no it’s back


“Part of the backstory we created was that Frigga was really the most attentive to Loki when he was a child. And Odin didn’t really know how to connect. He connected much more with Thor. They were sort of cut from the same cloth. And Frigga and Loki had this kind of beautiful, sensitive, more artistic relationship. And it was actually her who taught him all his magic.”