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if ur thinking of invalidating self-diagnosed kids

  • stop
  • some kids live in areas where it is difficult to get a diagnosis
  • some kids can’t afford getting tested
  • some kids have parents who would react badly if they were diagnosed
  • some kids have parents who refuse to take them to get diagnosed
  • some kids don’t trust their doctors
  • shut up
  • stop

seeing Bullshit™ on my dash again so i feel like it’s time for me to reblog this post

oh well lets just let everybody diagnose themselves and be taken seriously then! OK, so I now declare that I’m autistic, bipolar, schizophrenic and a sociopath, and if you don’t believe me you’re being oppressive! 

Fuck these people. Even if someone can’t get treatment or see a doctor, there is no point in self-diagnosis in that case because you can’t get treated for it anyway. Fuck anyone who thinks self-diagnosis is a good thing.

I understand the appeal of self-diagnosis, but I want to point out some things, perhaps in a nicer way than llik-yr-idols:

1. Even doctors are not meant to diagnose themselves. It violates ethical guidelines. There is a strong body of literature suggesting that even experts in medicine cannot have the objectivity required to diagnose themselves. Why, then, would anyone else have the capacity to self-diagnose accurately?

2. If a car broke down, and the owner didn’t have any knowledge about cars, they would trust a mechanic to diagnose the problem and fix it. They wouldn’t mess around with the car themselves, because they understand they would do more harm than good. Why would a person take that risk with their body?

3. Which is relevant to the fact that diagnoses in medicine literally only exist to determine a course of treatment. If a person cannot treat themselves, why would they diagnose themselves? And if a person tries to treat themself, and they are wrong about their diagnosis, they put their health at serious risk.

4. In the extra-medical capacity in which medical diagnoses become identity markers for oppression, as with chronic and mental conditions:

(a) If you take the argument that privilege and oppression is conferred upon you by society based on society’s knowledge about you, the only way you would experience oppression is with the formal diagnosis that society recognises as legitimate. That’s how you lose your job or get refused medical treatment in the ER: they take a letter from your doctor or look at the list of drugs you’re on and decide you’re not good enough. 

(b) Even if you don’t take the above argument, the fact remains that if you say you have an autism spectrum disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder, or whatever, the people around you (and you yourself) come to understand that illness as the set of symptoms you have. If you are wrong about your diagnosis, you have misrepresented and misunderstood that illness - and misrepresenting and misunderstanding chronic and mental illnesses is at the very core of the stigma that oppresses the chronically and/or mentally ill.

For the tl;dr crowd:

- No one can diagnose themselves accurately, even an expert, especially a non-expert

- If you try to treat yourself, you’re doing something really risky for your health

- Maybe you feel like I am invalidating your self-diagnosis, but your self-diagnosis may be invalidating people who have chronic and/or mental illness - which is an act of oppression. 

I understand there are many significant reasons why a person may not be able to access adequate healthcare. And this is bullshit - of course adequate healthcare should be available to anyone. But being oppressed in one respect does not give you a free pass to oppress other people.

If you haven’t been formally diagnosed, please say: ’I have this set of symptoms. I think I have this illness’. Please don’t say: ‘I have this illness’. That is literally the only change you need to make.

Wanted to add my own two cents, because I’m seeing more and more people self-diagnose and it really rustles my jimmies:

  • I have exhibited symptoms of depression for over ten years, but the level at which I may be depressed is un-diagnosed due to lack of funds. I remain untreated,
  • I exhibit very clear and concise symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but have only spoken with my Psychology professor about potentially having it. I have not been diagnosed officially. The only treatment I give is making sure to get ample sunlight exposure during the winter, as this is one of the few ways to actually treat SAD, and it’s not harmful to my body (like if someone attempted to self-medicate for bipolar disorder, etc.).
  • My mother has told me on numerous occasions that I exhibit schizophrenic traits and qualities. I have not been tested for this, and it remains unproven.
  • I exhibit all the signs of an anxiety disorder, but my level remains un-diagnosed. I remain untreated.
  • I have been professionally diagnosed for ADD. I remain untreated.

If you’re not seeing a trend here, you should be.

writeroost covered some good points, but I wanted to stress the importance of people self-medicating their self-diagnosis. Don’t fucking do it. That’s it, that’s the entire point.

People self-diagnosing based on a few posts they see floating around tumblr, and then getting all up in arms when this claim is challenged, infuriates me to no end. You are not a professional, you do not have the knowledge and know-how to give a diagnosis just because someone in a social media website made a powerpoint post of symptoms and slapped a fancy title across the top.

For instance: did you know, there is a disorder that is commonly mistaken for bipolar disorder, due to having similar symptoms? The cause and treatment are entirely different.

Bipolar disorder is measured on a set scale of depression and mania. People with the disorder are usually bouncing between one end or the other, and medications help to keep them fixed in-between. Neurotransmitters influence mood disorders. Norepinephrine, which increases arousal and boosts mood, is scarce during depression and overabundant during mania. Serotonin is also a contributing factor to mania, as discovered by researchers in New Zealand who discovered that the recipe for depression combined two necessary ingredients—significant life stress, plus a variation on a serotonin-controlling gene.

Source? The 200+ fucking dollar Psychology textbook that I had to purchase for my Psychology class that focused on the brain and the disorders within it when I was still in the interest of perusing the Experimental Psychology field.

Now then… that incredibly similar disorder I was talking about?

Borderline Personality Disorder. Unlike bipolar disorder, BPD is not measured on a fixed scale of a two-ended spectrum. It’s easier to think of BPD in terms of a decagon. It’s still not entirely sure what causes BPD, as far as chemicals in the brain goes, but it’s been shown that a strong correlation between child abuse, other traumatic incidents, thought suppression, and elevated stress (at a young age) have been shown to lead to BPD.

My Psychology professor simplified and broke it down like this: with bipolar disorder you’re either very happy, or very sad. With BPD you go from happy one moment, to unreasonably angry the next, then back to happy, and then listless.

The reason I pointed this out is because there are so many mental disorders it is impossible for you to self-diagnose properly without the necessary training or education. There is a huge difference between Bipolar Disorder, and BPD. There is a huge difference between having Schizophrenia, and exhibiting schizophrenic traits. There is a huge difference between OCD, and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). There is a huge difference between Autism, and Asperger’s.

Even with as much knowledge as I have, due to my education (and the education that I will receive in future semesters), I am in no way qualified to give a diagnosis. I can tell you what symptoms you might be representing, but that’s as far as I’m legally allowed to go. Any further, and I’m endangering your life by throwing darts blindly at the wall.

If you are unable to receive professional assistance for a diagnosis, please do not self-medicate. If you are fully capable of seeing a professional to be diagnosed, fucking do it. You might be disappointed in finding out nothing’s wrong with you (for some sick reason), but don’t just throw around mental illnesses for the sake of having a reason to excuse your quirks and actions.


Anxiety & Helping Someone Cope. 
I didn’t want to make it overwhelming or too long remember, so I kept it to the main points that benefit me greatly when I’m experiencing an attack.
40 million of Americans alone suffer with anxiety; it’s a horrid feeling when you know someone just wants to help you but you cannot even construct a simple sentence at the time, so please share this in hope that it benefits even just 1 person. Muchos love. 

history class kills the man
Benji Ray: "What did the early Greek philosophers hope to achieve?"
understanding why Zeus was such a little pissbaby
Giraffesonparade: yes
Giraffesonparade: how their dingle dangles do the tingle thing
Benji Ray: how do dingle dangle do tingle thangle


what the fuck

sounds like Anon should take a few Psychology courses and educate themselves a bit.

the autism spectrum is constantly evolving as we learn more about the human brain, and how it functions, and how it’s effected by certain things — such as chemical imbalances, a lack of endorphins, etc. and just as with other quirks in the brain, there are extreme cases and there are mild cases.

you do not get a trophy for how autistic you act. there is no prize. there is no standard. someone isn’t suddenly no longer autistic just because they don’t meet your required, uneducated standards. just as i’m not suddenly considered no longer ADD just because i’m high functioning and not bouncing off the walls all the time.

Anon is not a certified Psychologist with the degree and know-how to diagnose someone. Anon needs to sit down.


so here’s the deal: i rushed home between classes to make this. the examples don’t even say the same thing and i don’t even care.

my phone has been disconnected because i didn’t have enough to pay the bill this month. i’m currently taking care of that with the money i had saved in my paypal account, but i’m still financially hurting.

i’m currently in the process of getting a second job that will pay more and ease my struggles, which will allow me to focus on bigger commissions for a longer amount of time. but until then, i need to shit out as much of these little commissions as fast as possible.

chibis are fucking cheap, and include full color/cell shading/backgrounds. sketchy lineart in my more realistic style are pricier but much cheaper than i usually charge for, and they include full color/backgrounds.

please help out as much as you can — even by just reblogging, if you don’t have the money to donate. it’s very much appreciated.

thank you.





Work in progress!! :3

Gah please teach me your magical skills T_T

Practice practice practice!!!

Take some art from your favorite artists and mash them together. Take in your favorite aspects of different things from the different styles and experiment. Because let’s face it, nothing is really original. Soon you’ll have a style that you’re happy with and feel COMFORTABLE drawing in. Although it may take some time, it will happen. After that, try things like anatomy that fits the style, and perspectives and things.

Although I feel that that comment was rhetorical, I hope it helps anyway ♥

sarah also gained a buttload of skills and knowledge from cOMING TO MY ART STREAMS—- nah jk im not that self centered to say stuff like that

but in all seriousness what the tumblr user above just said is v. helpful advice. look at your favorite artists’ work and take what you like from that u_u draw it over and over and over again until it morphs into something completely different and very YOU

watch lots of different cartoons and anime and read a lot of comics, and also take some stuff from real life!! just be extremely observant of everything cuz observational skills is something that every artist needs to succeed u_u

this is so very true, though. i’ve been asked so many times how i got my style (which is still evolving) or how i’m able to draw at the level i’m at, or how… etc. my answer is pretty much this, every time.

study the work of your favorite artists, and take what you like best about each individual style. frankensein your own style from the inspiration you take from others. now, it’s important to add here: there is a difference between looking at the way someone draws eyes (for instance) and saying “i want to implement that style in my own way” and just blatantly drawing the eyes exactly the same. take inspiration, don’t just take.

i’ve recently started following some pretty amazing artists, and their work is a huge inspiration for me. (shade-shypervert, lilaira, and pinkcookiedoedoodles. you should all go follow them.) particularly the way they do monsters and monster feet. because of them, i’m challenging myself with a style of creatures that i’ve never done before. i’m breaking out of my limited view on monsters, and moving on to something much better and broader.

so study what you love in the art of your favs, try doing it in your own way, piece everything together, and you’ll eventually have the rough start of your own style. it will always grow and change, as your skills progress, and eventually you’ll get to a point where you look at the way you’ve been drawing eyes and say “i don’t like this part so much anymore… let me try this” and you won’t need to look at references. my art a year ago is painful to look at now (thank you Ali for digging all of it up) because that was the starting point of my style. from there, it’s grown into what it is today, and in another year it’ll have grown into something better.

this is not a hobby you pick up overnight and master in a day or two. being an artist requires commitment for the rest of your life. it also requires you to genuinely love and have a passion for it. this is not something you do solely for the sake of popularity. this is not a quick rise to fame… there’s a reason for the “struggling artist” trope. it’s pretty damn accurate. even the best artists will struggle with something.


my coworker, who is a friend of Noodle’s previous owner (and the one who introduced me to Noodle), asked me to record a video of me giving Noodle her RI shot because she wanted to know how it was done.

it’s pretty basic. your exotic vet, or vet tech, will explain it to you and walk you through the first shot (which they tend to give there in the office). from there it’s just a matter of wrangling your scale child.

usually she’s not this restless, but because of her being in blue she would much rather hide in the depths of my hoodie.


This was one of those “oh my god I really want to draw this so I’m gonna do it RIGHT NOW” things.

Fidget for michael-fracture-that-benji.




friend: ever since i started having sex i think i might be into super kinky stuff
me: oh really like what
friend: idk my bf handcuffed me last night
me: whoa that really is kinky
me internally: weak